scuba diving, snorkeling and sailing over colorful coral in the atolls and on the largest barrier reef in the hemisphere.. Belize is fishing for elusive permit and bonefish, leaping tarpon and snook. Belize is exploring caves strewn with Maya ceremonial artifacts. Belize is kayaking with dolphins and canoeing under rainforest canopy. Belize is sitting atop a Maya pyramid listening to the roar of howler monkeys. Belize is horseback riding and hiking to waterfalls on jungle trails under tropical foliage abundantly draped with orchids, toucans and screeching parrots. Belize is a birding paradise with over 550 avian species. Belize is lying in a hammock under the shade of the coconut tree, lulled to sleep by the sound of the waves and refreshing Caribbean Sea breezes. Belize is nature laced with adventure. Belize is personal and educational discovery. Belize is a trip!

Belize is well suited for individual, family and senior travel, outdoor enthusiasts, off the beaten track treks and visitors who require the comforts of home and spa pampering. The countryside and islands provide a dramatic backdrop for wedding ceremonies. Our small inns and lodges offer honeymooners privacy in an intimate setting. Our jungles, reefs and legacy of the ancient and mysterious Maya civilization that once dominated Belize are the ultimate open classroom and living laboratory for student groups.

Belize is easy to get to and around in. We are less than two hours by air from Miami. We are the only English speaking democratic country in Central America. Our currency is tied to the US dollar, which is accepted everywhere. Accommodations and rates run the gamut and there’s always something nice in everyone’s price range.

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