Horseback riding and trekking

Spanish conquistadors introduced the first equines to Central America and thus began an interdependent relationship that has endured to the present. Belizeans love their horses and you'll see dandies on their mounts along the roadsides on weekends. Horse racing in the villages is well attended and horses still play a vital role as beasts of burden in the rural areas. Certain groups of Mennonites use horses for their sole source of transport and muscle on the farm.

The Cayo district is the heart of horse country in Belize. Most of the jungle lodges have stables on premises and there are two lodges who cater to equestrians, but also offer a variety of other interesting activities.

Riding in Belize is a pleasure. You can ride slow and easy or as fast and hard as your ability allows. We have easy trails for beginners and more challanging trails that wind up and down hills, across rivers and through open fields.

Exploring the jungle on horseback offers it's own unique prespective and advantages. The additional height increases your field of vision. Horses are much quieter than vehicles, and thus won't alert and freighten away as much wildlife as a vehicle would. You can also access more rugged terrain and remote areas vehicles are unable traverse.

If you would like a more extended ride, we can arrange for overnight treks with guides and camping gear or to more remote overnight accommodations. Contact us with your questions and we'll promptly reply with more information.

Happy Trails!

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