Belize Trips is helmed by Katie Valk, a music business refugee from New York City who first visited Belize in 1985 and made the final move in 1989.

I have traversed Belize from North to South, East to West, on foot and horseback, in kayaks, canoes, sail and motor boats, off-off road in 4WD and effortlessly by plane.

Why? Belize is an extraordinary country and Belizeans are delightful people. I lived in the Cayo district for six years working at the Rainforest Medicine Trail, operating horseback riding trips and managing a riverside jungle lodge. I moved to Belize City and worked for a local TV station producing original programming. In 1997, I was invited to join a prominent travel agency and develop their tourism component.

I started Belize Trips in 2003. We are much more than a travel agency or tour operator. We are Belize travel specialists. We love our work and all the activities and places we’ll be talking with you about. We are well acquainted with the distinct flavors of each area of the country and have visited the hotels we’ll be talking about. We pride ourselves on being up to date on current conditions and situations at each. We’re enthralled by the Maya and their ancient cities, by life in the jungle, sea and in the air, by Belize people and their different ethnicities.

We’re on hand and available to you during your vacation should you need to replace your lost eye glasses, passport or need assistance with any other situation that may arise. I am a Warden for the US Embassy, a volunteer position, and assist American citizens in need. We are active in local civic and environmental organizations, working hard to protect that which you have traveled so far to see.


Here's what people have to say about us.

"Dear Katie,
Thank you for your untiring efforts, inside knowledge of Belize and its many gems, and for seeking out the best values in arranging my itinerary and that of my delegation. Your creativity, honesty and timely follow-through during my recent return to Belize were refreshing - all delivered with your welcome smile and wry sense of American humor. You are truly one of Belize's leading travel planners and facilitators. You're terrific!."
- Former US Ambassador George Bruno Washington, DC, July 24, 2004

"Katie Valk's courage and ingenuity have always inspired me. She played an integral role in the launching of my career and is still one of my most trusted friends. My visits to Belize have all been magical and memorable, thanks to my good pal. My loss is Belizes' gain."
- Cyndi Lauper, world traveler and performing artist.

"Katie Valk knows Belize like the back of her hand. If anybody can find the right beach hotel, jungle lodge, dive spot or adventure trip for you in Belize, Katie can. Katie has lived in Belize for 15 years and knows the country up one side and down the other. She can put you exactly where you want to be in Belize, and should anything go wrong, she's right there in Belize to help solve the problem.
" - Lan Sluder, Fodors Belize and Guatemala, Belize First Guide to Mainland Belize

I've been visiting Belize for over 20 years and writing guide books and travel articles for numerous publications for over 15 years and Katie Valk is the most knowledgeable and hard-working travel agent in the country. She's also one of the few people in Belize I can turn to for inspiration and advice -- and have complete faith in what she says. I wish Katie the very best in her new venture and I'll be proud to recommend her in my next books.
- Peter Eltringham, Rough Guides Guide Books to Belize and Central America

"Katie Valk's greatest asset as a Belize travel specialist is her ability to pinpoint exactly what kind of experience her clients want, and then, through a latticework of friends and aquaintances that spans across the country's tourism industry, makes that experience happen. Equally impressive, Katie is often seen swinging a machete out in the bush or paddling her kayak down some wildlife-choked river, as she personally seeks out and test-drives every adventure she promotes."
- Joshua Berman Moon Handbooks Belize

" incredibly helpful organization, whether you want to book tours, plan an itinerary or ask obscure questions about Belize. They can set up a variety of both mainland and cayes tours".
- Lonely Planet Guide book

"Katie Valk was essential in making our study abroad trip to Belize a success. She was able to take our ideas and organize a trip that provided myself and my students with a taste of the archaeology, culture and natural history of Belize. As one of my students said after the trip "It was the best week of my life". Katie was always available to answer questions and provide suggestions. The degree of flexibility was also something that was very important for us, we were able to make some changes while we were there that suited us-not many other travel agents would have been able to do so much for us!! I strongly recommend Katie for planning your trip to Belize-whether for business, pleasure or as a learning experience."
- Dr. Renee B. Walker, Director, Belize and the Mayan Culture, State University of New York, College at Oneonta

"Katie's knowledge of Belize and know-how helped us to structure a study tour that was extremely rewarding for our students. She seemed to know every place, and so was able to customize an itinerary that very much suited our goals for a rich educational and personal experience."
- Dr. Ed Robins, Director, Belize Study Tour, University of Wisconsin - River Falls

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