Spa Pampering

Open air spa's for pampering, cleansing, relaxing and shedding. A massage amidst floral scented gardens. The ambient sounds are real: birds, leaves ruffled by refreshing breezes, moving water. A cup of herbal tea on a hilltop verandah overlooking jungle covered hills or on the beach listening to the sounds of the waves. Parrots and toucans resting on branches nearby.

Belize is a visual spa. Billowy cloud puffs in blue skies. Colorful plants and green surroundings. Ancient Mayan ruins rising up and jutting through the jungle canopy. Roving troops of howler monkeys.

Belize is a physical spa. Easy guided hikes, canoeing, horseback riding and snorkeling,. Adventurous caving, repelling, scuba diving and trail trekking.

You choose whether you'd prefer a manicure, a locally blended mango facial or a massage. Or a pedicure, hydrotherapy, horseback ride and a trip to the ruins.

We would be happy to sort through the diverse spa treatments and activities you might want to participate in. Simply contact us and we can begin the process of selecting what you'll enjoy most on vacation.

Top photo by Kay Scott. All other spa photos courtesy of The Lodge at Chaa Creek.

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